What We Do

Advisory, Training & Development, Experience Design, Public Speaking, and Waaaay More

Screening, hiring, on-boarding for service excellence
The best service offering begins with getting the best folks to be a part of the organization. Finding the blend of competence for the primary job blended with great social skills and character requires an early intervention that is as much art as application. This includes the processes to delight the team members joining you.

Experience design / Touchstone Mapping™  /Journey mapping
Take a bit of social anthropology (ethnography), process flow, customer/team member “moments of truth,” and great solutions and you have a customer journey that is predictable, dynamic, and engineered for delight. Listening to and interpreting the “voice” of the customer is much more than what is taken from a survey. If we take what is solicited from surveys, add that to what is unsolicited in the form of complaints and accolades, throw in some good old fashioned people watching, and actually just sit and chat with folks, then we will form a much more complete and workable picture of those we serve. Journey maps build knowledge and solutions along a path for delight.

Service standards development
World class organizations don’t leave key contact moments to chance. “Nice,” “kind,” “courteous,” “professional,” “compassionate,” and other qualities are interpretable. Service standards create brandable and predictable (but NOT robotic) behaviors that are entirely personalized based on known customer needs AND expectations. They change over time. They are fun to develop and work with. And they ideally apply to our treatment of EACH OTHER.

Accountability systems and measurement system support
Measure what matters. Work to have your data tell a story that goes far beyond a dashboard and set of digits with colors like red, yellow, or green. Understand the qualitative that is begging to be understood beyond the movement on the charts. There is also a place for human based audits and checkpoints for LEARNING and IMPROVEMENT.

Leading the human experience
Leadership is everything. We get at the belief system, the role modeling, the human connections that lead to feedback, learning, inspiration, and sustainability for the human experience.

Public Speaking
Sean has been a featured speaker at national, regional, and local conferences and venues for many years. Whether it is to motivate, inspire to action, or just to get a dialogue going, we will tailor speeches or presentations to your organizational needs. Topics including quality/performance improvement, consumerism, service excellence, and the human experience are just some of the favorites. fullsizeoutput_c8e1


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