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Sean L. Keyser

From my earliest days as a hospital administrator, the service and process components of the business not only attracted me, they called me. What is today “patient experience” has been my vocational passion. Even more, the human experience—that intentional blend of customer/patient, provider, and team member experience—has opened new and wonderful possibilities for the return of joy in work and patient delight.

I approach experience work from a philosophical and theoretical base that is grounded in process improvement, behavioral standards, leadership systems, and all about a culture of humanity.

I have had the privilege to learn from and study under some of the icons of performance improvement. Those early days as a mentee of W. Edwards Deming, Paul Batalden, M.D., Don Berwick, M.D., and W. Terry Howell, Ed.D., set the stage for a wonderful journey in the quality movement. That ultimately landed me with some of the most passionate thought leaders in the industry at Executive Learning, Inc. During that same early span I was introduced to the works of healthcare experience royalty, Wendy Leebov, Ed.D., and later, Quint Studer. They, along with many others, shaped and inspired my service calling.

That calling to the service experience side of the business was a direct result of a personal experience with my father’s passing and my daughter’s birth within days of each other in my own site as a hospital administrator. My career since that event was chosen, in part, to honor them and the caregivers who showed me what is possible. That story, which offers a context for my chosen work can be found on my LinkedIn link Tuesday’s Idea column. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/case-soul-jogging-spirit-lifting-sean-keyser-sean-keyser/

I have moved in and out of hospital and health system operations as an executive in large integrated delivery networks to consulting and back again. My work has always been about bringing meaningful change to organizations seeking to improve and get ever closer to the needs and expectations of those they serve.


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