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anything said or done, on or off stage, that is followed by specific line or action; anything  that excites to action; stimulus

the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence; compassionate, or general behavior or disposition

Welcome to Cuemanity. Simply stated, this is an approach to the human experience (team member and customer/consumer) system for small and large organizations by optimizing their service processes and behaviors–all from a place of humanity.

This work was spawned from the awareness and appreciation that many organizations do not always plan for and execute experience strategies and tactics for team and customer as ONE effort. We think it has great potential. Human potential.

 When it comes to the team member’s experience and the customer’s experience, there are really two areas of focus that we can add a lot of value around. You can have the kindest, most competent, and most professional people on the planet, but if the service processes aren’t working well then all that great behavior can be diluted. On the other hand, you might be LEAN’d or Sigma’d to the max and running like a well oiled customer machine. If the people are not personalizing the care, if they aren’t kind, courteous, efficient and competent, then all that efficiency might not matter much.

We know a thing or two about working on both sides of the service experience equation.